Frequently Asked Questions (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

If you have any questions that are not covered here, do not hesitate to use the form on the "Contact" page linked above to ask them.  


  1. What kinds of projects does Khyros handle?

    Khyros Multimedia offers an extensive suite of video production services for both corporate and personal applications. Khyros has experience in producing professional videos for both internal and external use, as well as narrative films

    Khyros is also a talented performer with singing and acting experience
  2. What do I need to view the video files?

    If you are having trouble viewing the video files, make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media or, for better quality, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. For the Product Demonstration videos for CosmoCall Universe, you need the Techsmith Screen Capture Codec. (Open/Run the .exe)

  3. Where does the name Khyros/Khyros Multimedia come from?
    Initially, Khyros was the name of a character David played in a tabletop role-playing game in 1993  The character was reinvented for a short lived online role-playing game in the RhyDin forums of America Online™. Khyros Swiftstrike, practitioner of the Elven art of Bladesong, was a wandering warrior for many years, after his village had been destroyed by raiders. He came to the Elvenhome Nation and quickly rose to the rank of Master Singer, a position he held for a few years. David maintained a moderate level of involvement with EhN until he entered high school in 1997. Being attached to the in-character screenname, David adopted Khyros as general use handle. Eventually, he affixed the name to his multimedia production company.  
  4. I would like to employ you in a full or part time position that extends beyond a contracted project. Interested?
    I am currently entertaining such offers. Please use the contact page. 
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