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David Kowarsky (Khyros)  received his Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College in 2005, with High Honors in his field of Folklore and Mythology. He currently  resides in New York City. 

What is Khyros Multimedia?

Khyros Multimedia is the business identity of actor, writer, director and video professional David Kowarsky. Khyros offers a range of video creation and production services.

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While the videos portion of the site is being refreshed you can use this player to view a selection of Khyros Multimedia's latest productions. 

1. Xbox Tricks -- A Sample of shortform Instructional video. 

2. Route To Recovery - Shrimpin' -- From the Reuters "Route to Recovery Series," Honored by S.A.B.E.W. for a "Best-in-Business" Award.

3. Alyse Mandel for Change is Good -- Hosting demo for Alyse Mandel, who used this demo to get her job hosting ABC's Alphabet Soup, an online show.

4. CosmoGo Demo - A 6 minute video demonstrating the capabilities of a new product from CosmoCom Inc.

5. VON Wrapup - A brief recap of the Spring VON 2007 trade show. 

6. Carl Ford on IPTV - A promotional video used as part of the Spring VON Europe site.

7. ReachoutUSA - Valerie Gurka of fearlessbusiness.tvdescribes her business, as well as her experience at a ReachoutUSA meetup. 

8. Williams Lea Ad - A short internet/TV spot designed for Williams Lea Information Services.

9. Focus - How To... -- An episode of David's show Focus that describes some How To programming available on the Internet




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