The Cosmocom Customer Experience (2004)


Hear what customers are saying about CosmoCom.

For this video, David acted as a one-man crew on shoots in locations throughout the United States and Europe, including Miami, Colorado Springs, Manchester, Paris, and Milan.

Short Version (3:22): Windows Media (Streaming)
NEW! Long Version (14:30): Windows Media (Streaming)

Product Demonstration forCosmoCall Universe (2001)

These videos demonstrate the capabilities of the CosmoCall Universe Call Center System. These clips are produced from full-screen video capture of CosmoCom software, edited in Premiere. The Techsmith Screen Capture Codec, a highly efficient codec optimized for screen capture, is required to view these videos. (Open/Run the .exe)

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Core Capabilities (12:01)
Outbound Calling (1:02)
Collaboration (2:25)
Wireless Callers (3:09)
Reporting (2:23)

For more information about the CosmoCall Universe system and Cosmocom Inc., visit

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Videos (Reel)

The Cosmocom Story (2003)


This video was designed to give potential customers an idea of who CosmoCom is and what their technology can do. 

In addition to directing, shooting, and editing this video, David also provided the voice-over narration.

Windows Media (Streaming)