Undergraduate Thesis:

"The Meta Aesthetic In Beowulf"

This thesis earned David High Honors from the Folklore and Mythology Department at Harvard. One of his evaluators, Gregory Nagy, Francis Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature and Professor in Comparative Literature, evaluated it summa cum laude and offered the following comments: 

"I found this thesis original, engaging, and rigorous. The author is very learned in literary theory as well as philology. We have here a solid and creative piece of scholarship, and I offer the author my warmest congratulations." 

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Junior Tutorial Paper: 

"Book Shaped Like a Pig: A Comprehensive Analysis"

As preparation for the narrative analysis he would eventually do in his thesis, David chose a slightly smaller scale project for his junior tutorial.
It uses analytical and interpretive techniques from theorists including Roland Barthes, Roman Jakobson, Bronislaw Malinowski, and Frank Kermode. David's advisor, William Mills Todd III, Harry Tuchman Levin Professor of Literature, and Professor of Comparative Literature remarked in his comments:

"Your paper is at once wonderfully funny and splendidly insightful.... It is rigorous in its demonstrations of how text and reader imagine meanings, accurate in its use of narratological paradigms, and learned in its range of reference. Your deft and elegant writing carefully preserves the balance between humor and hermeneutic wisdom... In 32 years of teaching, I cannot remember a more enjoyable termpaper. May I have a copy?"

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Term Paper for VES 107:
"The Wide Reach of Small Arms"


While less stylistically formal than many of David's other works, this paper nonetheless exhibits efficient communication of well researched and inspired ideas. This paper was rewarded with the placement of a rare unsolicited letter of commendation from Professor John R. Stilgoe, Robert and Lois Orchard Professor in the History of Landscape, in his file:


"The paper demonstrates extraordinarily detailed analysis of a fragment of a late nineteenth-century logging camp photograph: in particular, it is a wonderful analysis of the Winchester repeating rifle held by a hunter who is in, but not of the camp. More importantly, the paper argues from the ultra-specific to the general, linking the firearm with contemporaneous industrial transformations. I rarely find such a fine paper."


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A blog "Meme"
"Life In The Key of C"

Khyros maintains a livejournal, where occasionally he will indulge in structured creative writing exercises known casually as "memes." The task was to expound on 10 items of personal significance, beginning with a letter chosen by another party. Khyros was assigned C.


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